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Casey Anaesthetic Services is the third generation of anaesthetic Groups servicing ALL areas of Melbourne, initially operating in the Dandenong (Dandenong Anaesthetic Group – DAG) and the Peninsula areas.

Under the guidance of George Tippett, DAG for about 20 years, functioned as a partnership of anaesthetists until changing life interests among the partners made it desirable to form an association of anaesthetists.

These associates instigated the development of 'Surgicentre' in David St, Dandenong, which became the first free standing day surgery in Australia. Custom built it successfully served the community, especially for oral and plastic surgery and for dentists for about 25 years.

Increasing bureaucracy in health care rendered the facility inefficient and new requirements in and standards in regard to sterilization made it commercially unviable. Well over 10,000 patients had been looked after at the facility with barely a hiccup.  

Surgicentre was sold, and the association of Anaesthetists became Casey Anaesthetic Services. The main office was then relocated to Noble Park.


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